Brisbane Bonus – Get to the Airport for $3.65

The Airport line to BNE airport is convenient, but expensive.  The standard fare is $16.00 one way.  While I was living in Brisbane, I found that there was an alternative, but slightly complicated way to get to the airport via transit for only $4.65 peak/$3.65 off peak.  Here’s how to do it:

Starting from Central, take the Caboolture or Ipswich lines to Toombul Shopping Centre.  Get off and walk to Platform B to take the 590 bus towards Garden City Interchange.  Get off the bus at Ninth Ave. at Skygate shopping mall.


This part of the journey takes 43 minutes.

From Skygate, there is a free shuttle to the international and domestic airport terminals that leaves every 20 minutes, and takes about 20 minutes to get the the international terminal.  The bus leaves from right in front of The Village Markets.


Borrowed from Wikimedia Commons

Here’s the (somewhat confusing) timetable:


And the Map:


So overall, this journey will take AT LEAST 1 hr 3 minutes, but could take up to 1 hr 20 mins, depending on how lucky you are; it saves you around $12.

The alternative (and easier route) is as follows:


Is $12 worth an hour of your time?  Well, that’s for you to decide!

Thanks for reading.


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